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Wow!  At first I thought you meant Holland, MI, but then I saw you meant the REAL Holland!  That is indeed a rare sight!  Welcome!  This is definitely the forum for any questions you have or help you may need.

Funny story:  I was walking along the waterfront in Sweden when I saw a sticker on a boat that looked familiar.  I walked over and sure enough it was a Michigan registration tag -- 3000+ miles from home!  It wasn't a Johnson/Evinrude, but an out-of-place powerboat just the same.  The owner was there working on it and said he had recently imported it thanks to their relatively strong currency.

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Good evening
I found your site of the "oldtimersboats"Playmate Evinrude.
I am Carlo Dijkema and I do have a boat like this since 2008. We are very pleased with this boat and haven't seen a playmate in Holland. So I looked at the internet to see if there are more of these boats.
Very nice pictures and happy peaple who did tell there story.
I would like to introduce my boat, to send you some pictures.
Do you want to know more.... Please let me know!
Best regards
Carlo Dijkema, Bedum, Holland (The Netherlands)

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