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Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 17:54:22 -0700 (PDT)

A continuation of my charging problems.......I've already figured out where most of the problem is.  And I'm beginning to see why someone else's restoration efforts were abandoned years ago.  But, I'll not be deterred....just stymied by my own ignorance!  ;-) 

Check out the attached pic.  Anyone care to hazzard a guess as to what is wrong with this picture??  It pays to have a good wiring diagram (and a good mind......well....maybe).  The problem appears to have been staring me in the face all along....but I wasn't quite "ready" to experience it......yet.  Jeesh!

First off.....the boat was repowered at some point with an earlier vintage engine.  The wiring harness that came with the engine does not match the boat's main harness leading to the front.  Now it would have been nice if they had replaced the engine harness with the original one.  It might have gone right back together without a sweat but nooooo.  Oh well, no accounting for amateurs (uh....myself included). 

I can see several jury rigged spots already.  The green 8g wire in the pic is supposed to feed the tilt solenoids 5 inches away but nope, it ends right there.  Rather they ran the red wire direct from the starter where, coincidentally by design, the other end of the green wire originates too.   Ain't ignorance bliss.

The brown 8g wire also goes nowhere....well guess what!!....that is the feed directly from the alternator so no wonder why it is not charging the battery!  It had no where to go too!  JEESH!  I'll have to match it now with the correct wire in the boat harness to get it to the dash where it's supposed to go.

And Finally, the black 8g wire also goes nowhere.  That's a ground wire.  The two black wires attached via the screw to the right which holds the block down are supposed to be attached to the black ground wire. 

Once I get all that figured out and double check the dash stuff, I'll go back and check the alternator again.  Ain't it just grand....or is that just "another grand"? 

More later.

Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive

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