[OMC-Boats] Adding PCV's to Marine Engines? Why not?

From: Lee Shuster <lks@...>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 08:14:30 -0600


The typical Marine-OEM crankcase ventilation system is only a pair of
tubes running from the valve covers to the flame arrester; ie there's
no "positive' venting going on. I can't see where adding it would be a
negative anyplace. I've found that nothing more is needed (carb-wise)
than to reset the idle speed and mixture screws.

My thinking is a properly installed PCV system should work fine, and
it will help clean up the engine and extend oil change intervals,
unless you are running around most of the time at full throttle (a low
or no-vacuum condition). Typically, marine applications do not use a
vacuum advance distributor either, due to the "low" vacuum situations
our engines typically see during use, as they are heavily loaded most
of the time.

Any thoughts from the "been there, done that" group?

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