[OMC-Boats] She let me down...

From: Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 22:14:52 -0400

So I pull the old Surfer to the ramp today, get her down in the water.
Hit the key and she fires right up. Runs a few seconds and flat dies.
Repeated tries failed to fire it back up again. It just wouldn't
start. Plenty of juice. Had the engine cover up, and noticed it
smelled of gas. Went back and looked, the entire intake manifold was
wet with gas. Took the air cleaner cover off and watch the carb as I
cranked it over. It's shooting a lot of gas. Actually, looks like it's
shooting more gas than it should while cranking. It was dark by the
time I got it home so I haven't messed with it yet. Tomorrow I'll look
into it further. I'll gladly accept any suggestions of things to look
at tomorrow.

Good thing I'm laid off. I don't know how people with boats have jobs.
There's always something to do to a boat. Who has time to work.
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