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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 22:17:22 -0400

My engine compartment came lined with a thin black foam that has mostly
deteriorated over the years. It helps dampen some of the higher frequency
noise (foam would need to be a lot thinker to attenuate low frequency
noise), but the front of my hatch is vented to allow air in-flow. I took it
off the top of the hatch after it started falling because I was afraid it
might restrict airflow (at best) or small foam pieces might get sucked in
(at worse). Foam board probably wouldn't help a lot as its too dense to
absorb much, but auto matting (fiber hood or floor liner) or something
similar would help a little. Just be careful not to restrict any airflow --
even though the engine is water-cooled, the battery, alternator, etc. still
depend mostly on air-cooling. Hotter intake air will also cause you to lose
power (though probably not enough to notice except maybe top end).


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> Has anyone added insulation to the inside of the doghouse and engine
> cover? I'm thinking of adding some foam board to cut down on the
> engine noise a bit. Just wondering if it would have adverse effects?
> Would it cause the engine to overheat or anything?
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