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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 21:21:31 -0400

If you haven't done so already, be sure to closely inspect your valves/body. If anything was in there, it had to come in and go out of the valves which means one or more of the valves/seats could be damaged else the debris could still be trapped in a valve or spring. Look very close! Good luck!

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  Yep pulled both heads. Ok I'm going with option 3:

  Install new gaskets, put everything back together, test for noise. If noise is still there i'll pull out the engine and check the crankshaft area and probably call it a season. Nice part is I shouldn't need to mess with replaced gaskets again and should be able pull out engine w/heads valve covers and manifold installed? Right? Otherwise it's gonna mean another $75 for new gaskets.

  In the meantime, I've dremel brushed clean the tops of all 6 pistons. Definite dings and nicks on piston 1. Also on piston6 but way less. So something was in there at some point and unless I'm blind it's gone now. So in theory, problem possibley solved. Hopefully can get back together and to ramp for test tonight.

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          Did you pull both heads? Can't be too sure where a noise might be coming from.

          In anycase, yes, if you drop the oil pan you will be able to see everything you need to see to determine where the noise is coming from. Could be a bolt droppedout and is rattleing around, etc. Could be a bad bearing that is allowing crankshaft movement. I had that happen on an '86 station wagon I bought at auction. Sounded pretty bad when it warmed up. Ended up swapping out the engine.

          I'm looking forward to the results.

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            I found what making the engine rattling noise - it was just a penny that some had left in the cylinder by accident (see photo)!!

            Ok just kidding. Nope didn't find anything in the port side - the side that's making the noise. Grrrrrr.

            So looking at the exploded diagram, it looks like the only other "void" left to check is down with the crankshaft stuff.
            But seriously, if one of those bolts down there worked loose, I wouldn't even be able to start the engine would I? And/or wouldn't it just fall down into the bottom of the oil pan?

            If I pull the engine out and take off the oil pan, am I gonna be able to see all the crankshaft guts? Thanks!

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