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There's a simple reason for the 1967 MY (model year) cutoff. Don't just reference Buick Sylarks & Specials. Also look under the 1967 - 1971 Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-6 and Jeepsters.

It's all in what you look for. 1967 was the last year GM-Buick built the engine before selling the tooling and rights to (Kaiser) Jeep. Then again, Kaiser sold Jeep to AMC (American Motors Corp.) around 1970. Then around 1974 AMC sold in back to Buick for the odd-fire 231. Go figure. Many (but not all) 231 parts are interchangeable with the 225, but always try to be safe and specify the 225 when possible.

You need to become great friends with an ex-Buick or Jeep parts counter guy!

It's quite amazing OMC continued to get supplied with 225 V6's thru about 1973. (maybe they a big inventory to work thru).


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On Sep 8, 2009, at 2:45 PM, Lee Shuster wrote:

> Yeah, I would have to say the BC is thinking the same way I would, JD.
> Usually marine-spec blocks have brass freeze plugs, but little else is
> different. The marine-specific ancillary parts relate to the items BC
> mentions.
> At least with a remanufactured long-block from a reputable builder,
> you know what you have and probably for less than $1600 for a Buick
> 225 V6.
> For example:
> Another known "weakness" of the Buick V6 is the timing chain. I'd make
> sure that area was double-checked.

ok - i will check that too. I'm just about to go to NAPA and pick
up my special order gaskets. All they had was up to '67. I have a
'70. 10% restocking fee if they don't match up, but i figure it's
less than shipping back if i returned something ordered online. I
hope it matches though. It was all by phone, but he kept saying
"all my books show they stopped making that engine in '67". I'm
stuck with these parts now, but just for curiosity sake, i'm gonna
see what they find under a '69 Jeepster when I go back in there.

Then I'm off to remove my heads and hope i see something very obvious
fall out of the engine!

I'm loving the idea of getting stuff cleaned, machined, rebuilt, etc
while i have it all apart. But if I find an obvious source of the
noise and can fix it, rather than wait on a machine shop, I may
just opt to put everything back together and try and get another 2-3
weeks of use in the season. It's supposed to be 85 this weekend!

> Lee
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> As Lee pointed out; if you ever get the blank stare from the person
> at the parts store when you tell them your working on a vintage 60's
> boat with a 225 odd fire buick V6 (used to happen to me all the
> time) just back up take a deep breath, reset and request the same
> part for a 69 jeepster and all is well!! So JD, Lee beat me to it,
> rather than a skylark I tell them a 69 jeepster. (I used to have
> one) This brings up a question that's bugged me for a long time....
> What EXACTLY makes a marine long block or short block....MARINE?
> OK, so anybody that's been reading this list should know that the
> following are special marine parts:
> carburetor/flame arrestor, altenator/voltage regulator, starter,
> fuel pump, water pump, the thermostat housing and exhaust manifolds
> are clearly application specific.....
> What I am talking about is the LONG BLOCK; the block itself,
> crankshaft, pistons/rods, heads, valves, pushrods, timing set, etc.
> Is there anything special about this. In other words, is there any
> reason why someone couldn't buy a long block for say a 69 jeepster
> and bolt on all of the marine specific stuff?
> I recently replaced the "long Block" in my tow vehicle (89 F-250 351
> windsor w/EFI), was less hassle than tearing down the old engine,
> figuring out how to get all the parts to a machine shop and less
> expensive than a rebuild anyway. It came with a 7 year 70K mile
> warranty, was tested and guarenteed, they dropped it off at my door
> less than 36 hours after ordering it and picked up the core when I
> was done. This was my first engine swap and after all the smog and
> computer stuff, I'm thinking doing something like that with that
> SUPER SIMPLE little V6 should be a piece of cake, once you get
> access to a hoist tall enough...
> Any thoughts???
> Cheers,
> B.C.
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