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In addition to the brass freeze plugs, I think the only other thing they include is a lower end torque cam to assist in out of the hole shots.  You gotta be sure they know it's going into a boat and that they get a marine cam installed. 

Eight years ago I bought an abandoned 25' 1986 Bayliner Ciera cruiser and replaced the cracked 305 V8 with a remanufactured 350 long block.  Back then it was all of $1100.  I transferred the intake, valve covers, and manifolds over to the new block and miraculously the 350 chevy long block became a whole Volvo V8.  Never had a problem with it.

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carburetor/flame arrestor, altenator/voltage regulator, starter, fuel pump, water pump, the thermostat housing and exhaust manifolds are clearly application specific.....

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