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Glad someone mentioned a chain.  My prior boat was a 25' Bayliner and for the first summer I had her I was forever dragging anchor.  The Bayliner had a rather high profile so it was subject to catching the wind.  Turns out my problems all centered on the lack of a chain.  I finally got a rather weighty 4' chain and my problem went away.  Apparently without the chain, the tines on the anchor easily lifted out of the mud whereas with the chain the weight of the chain kept the arm down to the ground and allowed the tines to dig in when drifting.  I can't tell you the degree of frustration I experienced until I figured that out!

On my Explorer I have one of those collapsible 4 prong anchors without a chain that I used as a secondary anchor on the Bayliner.  I've not yet dropped anchor on the Explorer anywhere to see if it's sufficient considering the smaller size of the boat or if I need to add a chain to it.  I also have an old vinyl covered anchor in storage that I might dig out if I have to but it's not pretty.

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Ok, this isn't Johnson specific, but it is boat related, so I hope
it's ok to discuss. When I was younger, I didn't pay attention to how
things were supposed to be done. I just took my boat to the river and
played. If I wanted to anchor, I'd drop my anchor and when it hit the
bottom, I'd tie off. Now, I've read the "proper" way to anchor, and I
have to say, it doesn't seem practical. If I understand it correctly,
I drop anchor, then allow 10 times more slack than the depth of the
water? So if I drop anchor in say 20 feet of water, I need to have 200
feet of anchor line? That seems like a lot of excess for me to drift
on. I get the idea behind it, to keep the anchor line as horizontal as
possible, but it seems like it would allow me to drift quite a bit on
anchor. Not to mention how much line I have to keep on the boat. If I
want to anchor in 50 feet, I need 500 feet of line on board? And if I
want to use 2 anchors in 50 feet, I need 1000 feet of line? I'd need
to tow a row boat behind me just to keep my anchor line in. So what's
the deal with anchoring?
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