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Speaking of carbs. - I posted a couple weeks back problems with power at
higher rpms. You could idle and rev up to higher rpms no problem but then
put it in gear and above 2000 or so it would stumble and choke down. It
would recrank and do the same thing over and over. I thought it might be
somewhere in the fuel system. Checked filters and fuel pump and gas etc. I
finally decided to "replace " the carburetor. I ordered one from a place
called Guaranteed Carburetors of Largo Florida. I kept my original. Cost
some bucks. Anyway I got it and it is very nice, black shiny paint. I put it
on and wow! Like a new machine. The boat now revs up to where I am scared to
red line. Anyway, I needed some vacuum plugs for the new carb. and took the
old rubber ones off and noticed one of the plugs was cracked - the crack was
old and I had put a small ball of paper in there to plug the plug so to
speak - well I sucked on the rubber plug and it leaked - leaked bad and I
figure that was the problem all along. The engine was flooding out at higher
speed. Moral of the story - check those pesky little rubber plugs on the
carburetor for leaks.
Was at the Waccamaw River today - light chop on the water - ideal conditions
for the Roque! Tom
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> hi - this original message was from BC a while back, just now
> getting to the carb adjust phase of my stuff. Rather than just
> tweek the 2 screws in front, now that I (think) I have a working
> tach, I want to try to do the full blown adjust thing.........which
> according to this post involves a vacuum gauge. No prob there,
> gonna see if harbor freight has one. But i looked behind the carb
> for some sort of obvious place to screw it in and am confused. This
> shot is the view behind my carb. 3 plugs in manifold. Where do I
> plug in a vac gauge? Is it one of those? Or somewhere on the carb
> itself?
> thanks, Jeff D
> On Jun 19, 2009, at 1:28 PM, bchowk@... wrote:
>> I always thought those were the idle mixture screws. I have since
>> upgraded to a holley 4bbl w/offy intake (fantastic upgrade imho)
>> Anyway,here is the proceedure I use and should be the same for the
>> origional 2bbl
>> Get a vacuum guage, connect it to manifold vacuum. I think there is
>> a little hole in the back below the carb you can install a fitting
>> in, btw I installed a vacuum guage and just leave it hooked up if
>> you don't want to do that make sure you cap the hole when your done.
>> Run the boat to operating temp. Adjust one of the screws to peak
>> vacuum, then the other, repeat till you get the best vacuum (15-20
>> psi), you may need to adjust your idle speed ( on the throttle arm,
>> where the cable connects) check your timing, if you need to adjust
>> the timing repeat adjusting the idle screws, etc untill you have max
>> vacuum (at idle)with proper rpm and your timing is dead on.
>> It really is easy and does not take much time. And your idle will be
>> set by the most scientific method I have found. Works great for me.
>> Good luck,
>> B.C.
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>> so no one knows and/or wants to take a crack at what the two adjusting
>> screws under the carb actually do? would love to i
>> don't make things worse by guessing my way through.
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