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From: Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 10:37:24 -0400

Thanks Lee. So you do thing I should change props to keep me a little
lower RPM at redline? I'll look into that. Like you said maybe over
the winter. So that would be in effect "lowering the gearing" like
changing sprockets on a motorcycle. I should get out of the hole
faster if I re prop for a better WOT rpm?

One more question popped up yesterday. My throttle cable seems to have
excessive play. Moving the control stick forward will engage forward
gear, but it doesn't seem to increase the throttle until it get about
halfway to full forward. It still seems to reach full throttle though,
so maybe I should leave it alone.

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Lee Shuster<lks@...> wrote:
> CONGRATS! Nice job of troubleshooting and repairing you ccoling issue and
> re-introducing the boat to the river.
> OMC/J-E designed and built those trailers themselves. Just like they wove
> the fiberglass themselves. They didn't cut corners and they rarely farmed
> out production.
> It was pretty much all in-house, from R&D, testing manufacturing, service,
> marketing and sales. When they did out-source, it was carefully selected
> like the GM engines.
> You want to keep WOT RPM to the OMC recommended 4000 to 4400 RPM. And you
> are right about top speed being little more than macho bragging rights or
> validation of horsepower/weight ratios.
> And remember that fin may reduce top speed by 2 -3 mph. I'm guess with you
> and your dog in the boat and a full tank of gas, and a clean or waxed hull,
> you should be able to easily see 37 mph on smooth water and no wind.
> Without the fin and slightly less weight under perfect conditions 39-40 mph.
> OMC "Type 14" or 14-inch Pin-drive props are out there, you just gotta know
> what you're looking for by Part Number, available on my site:
> If your boat still has the original prop, my guess is its possibly a 14 x16,
> 14 x 18 or 14 x 20. Those were by the most popular pitches.
> Lee
> PS -- Think of all the fun you can have this off season, improving the old
> gal for next season!
> On Sep 2, 2009, at 10:05 PM, Justin DeSantis wrote:
>> I'm reading up on prop selection now. I think I'm going to replace
>> mine regardless. I noticed a slight vibration and the prop is a little
>> dinged up. I'm thinking the 2 may be related. It's usable, but has a
>> few marks. I can live at a lower RPM cruising speed anyhow. It's not
>> like I need top speed all the time, or ever, really.
>> I sort of assumed the Loran system was a bit outdated. The guy who
>> gave it to me remembers it being very expensive 20 years ago when he
>> bought it. I don't doubt it, but, accurate within 1/4 mile? A $100
>> cheapo GPS can do way better than that and I don't need to know map
>> coordinates and such. Plus it has a pretty picture on the display.
>> The dog is my boxer mix, Brody. He's not crazy about boating yet. I
>> have 2 other dogs. A German Shepherd who I know will hate it. And a
>> Black Lab who would love everything about it. But she's getting kind
>> of old to get in and out of the boat. I may take her next time anyhow.
>>> If redline is the same for the V6 then it is 5000 RPM and you should be
>>> in
>>> the 4400-4600 territory at WOT, Lee has some great reading about prop
>>> selection and gearing. My simple mind boils it down like this....there is
>>> always a trade off (top speed and lower RPM WOT traded for better hole
>>> shots) I plan on messing with the gearing this off season, but I have
>>> been
>>> know to run my Sportsman up into the 52K territory NOT RECOMMENDED but I
>>> do
>>> it sometimes.
>>> Comment 2, as former coastie, I used to maintain that LORAN signal not
>>> all
>>> that long ago (circa 1991...jeez) it is a 100KHZ signal that is all time
>>> based you recieve 8 pulses from a primary station, then a secondary
>>> measure
>>> the time distance between the two, that plots a hypebolic curve...then
>>> youn
>>> measure the distance between primary and a third station for a second
>>> curve
>>> and where they intersect is you location...accurate within a quarter
>>> mile!!! :-) I hear the system is actually still in use in some places,
>>> but
>>> technology marches on...stick to the GPS....*sigh* memories
>>> Comment 3, That is a nice looking dog, and it looks like you had a great
>>> time out there. making me look forward to my next outing with my furry
>>> buddy
>>> (The Dude)
>>> Cheers,
>>> B.C.
>>> On Sep 2, 2009, Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...> wrote:
>>> With all the great help I got from this mailing list, I was able to
>>> get on the water today. Pics here
>>> I'm happy to report, the old Johnson ran beautifully. I was very
>>> impressed with the motor. Not the highest top speed on the river, but
>>> nice and torquey. Took right off and planed nicely. No issues to
>>> report. Few observations though. The marketing hype about the sea-foil
>>> hull isn't just hype. The boat rides much nicer than my tri-hull did.
>>> Crossing wakes didn't result in the loud,hard slapping like my old
>>> Glastron. It just glides through them. Maybe not as smooth as a deep
>>> V, but very manageable. Cable steering is a little odd. Higher effort
>>> than I'm used to. And you have to spin the wheel several time to get
>>> from side to side. It sort of felt like I was always having to steer
>>> the boat. Not so much that it won't track straight, just that it needs
>>> lots of little corrections. Maybe the cables can stretch a bit?
>>> I still need to re-acquaint myself with some basics like anchoring
>>> and docking, but other than that it went smooth. I actually impressed
>>> myself with how well I did launching and recovering. Considering I
>>> hadn't done it in years and it was my first time with this boat, it
>>> was easy. One shot both times. I had a chance to inspect the trailer
>>> once the bot was off it. I don't know who Johnson had building the
>>> trailers, but they built a nice trailer. The companies building the
>>> junk today could take a lesson there. If the boat sinks, I could refit
>>> the trailer to haul bulldozers around. I'm thinking a couple of posts
>>> at the rear corners of the trailer so I can see it with the boat off
>>> may be a nice addition. I left the remote control for the electric
>>> winch at home, so I had to crank it on the old fashioned way. It
>>> wasn't too bad though.
>>> Maybe a question though. What rpm should I be running at wide open top
>>> speed? I was getting uncomfortably close to redline I thought. I don't
>>> remember what red line is, but top speed is within 500 of redline. I
>>> only went there briefly. I didn't want to stay that high until I asked
>>> you guys. I'm thinking maybe I want to change props to get my WOT rpm
>>> down a bit. (If I can even get props for it.) I forgot my GPS and the
>>> boat doesn't have a speedo, so I don't know what top speed is. I hope
>>> to find out tomorrow.
>>> The previous owner gave me this ancient King Loran thing from 1987.
>>> Looks like something from Tron or Wargames. I think the technology is
>>> obsolete though. I don't even know if it gets a signal anymore. If it
>>> did, it seems like it would be a pain to use compared to modern GPS.
>>> I'm thinking it will be a great paper weight and thats about it.
>>> Again, thank you all for your help.
>>> Justin
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