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If you're not a fisherman, the only benefit you'd get from the fish finder is depth and water temp (if equiped), maybe bottom condition (sometimes you can decipher rocky vs. smooth, ...).  If you're only planning to boat on rivers and near-shore, your ship to shore radio is called a cell phone, just make sure you have coverage where you're going.  Likewise, the Loran system is really for folks venturing farther off-shore and have limited use for us shore-huggers.  GPS is interesting and sometimes amusing, but not a requirement.  Bottom line, I'd save the $350 and put it into more important things like a great docking pole, new life vests, lines, water toys, fuel filter/water separator, and other minor upgrades.  I'm sure you'll find plenty of things you want to do once you start using it.  Also be sure to get some service manuals.  I also recommend you route the fuel pump vent to the carburetor to avoid a potentially disastrous mishaps.  Great looking boat -- c ongratulations!

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Ok gentlemen. As promised, here is a link to my photobucket gallery of
the boat. Clicking the thumbnail will bring up about a half sized
picture. Clicking again will open it full size should you want to look
closer. Another question jumps to mind. The owner of the boat is
offering me a Bottom Line fish finder and a Uniden ship to shore radio
for an additional $350. I'm not a fisherman, and I've never bought a
ship to shore, so I don't know what that stuff is worth. Is that a
fair price? He also has a GPS, King Lorraine or something like that.
He things it may be obsolete though. Any input on that stuff?

Anyhow, link to pics:

And feel free to look through all my photobucket albums if you want to
see more pics of me and things I take pics of. All pretty boring. But
a little view into my life.

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