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If I recall correctly you boat may have been re-powered at some point? Send me the model number off your drive and engine to verify.

It is quite possible you have an earlier remote control with only 3-wires.

Look at the Wire connector between the helm and the remote control cables and count the wires:

If you see 2-white, a purple or red, a green and a blue you have a 5-wire and it shouldn't be starting in gear (defective of misadjusted switch).

If you don't count the extra two white wires, someone has slipped in an older 3-wire which will start in gear and you need to enjoy you newly found feature (with care, of course!).

The Evinrude push-button remote control also has a mechanical slider interlock that prevents shifting beyond a certain (adjustable) throttle setting. Sometimes this mechanical aperture or keyhole window slips out of adjustment and results in an ANNOYING "Help I can't shift condition."

Always carry a Phillips head screw driver and pop off the cover surrounding the push buttons, to fix this potentially dangerous/annoying condition.


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I was able to start my Explorer the other day with the Forward gear shift button depressed.....??!!! Should there not be a cutoff to the starter function when either the Forward or Reverse buttons are pushed? If so, what should I look at on the '70 vintage shifter to validate the safety switch?

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