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I'd say you can pretty much count on that. My wife brought my Seloc manual to me and it seems rather wanting on a number of items in the drive repair section. Maybe things become more obvious once you get it open, but at first glance there seem to be a lot or warnings that lack sufficient detail to instil confidence. Anyhow, the pre-work (studying materials, gathering tools, etc.) will likely take several weeks so I don't anticipate getting into the drive until after Labor Day, but you never know.

According to the Seloc manual, before you can remove the lower unit, you have to remove the stern drive, the upper gear housing, the exhaust housing, and the swivel housing. IOW, they make it sound like you have to disassemble the entire freakin thing, every nut and bolt, to get to the one part I need to replace. Maybe I've just taken too many "design for service" classes, but it still seems like I should be able to separate the drive at the exhaust housing without removing the entire drive from the boat. Unfortunately I now have the book without the boat so I can't do a physical inspection to supplement the book. I also need to find an OMC manual to cross-reference if anyone happens to have one for sale.

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  When you dig into you lower, would it be possible for you to take pictures of all your steps and keep some notes to accompany the pics???? I plan on diggin into my upper this winter and hope to do the same....

  Has anybody already done this????

  I know it will be a ton of pics, but perhaps I could get them into some reasonably sized format, then perhaps we could get Phil to post them as a tech article.

  Phil, is there a way I could push up a larger file like that?


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          I did exactly the same thing. I built my own stand out of some scrap wood and slid the outdrive onto it. Because I wasn't familiar with the drive, I had a buddy on hand to help me get it off the boat but I discovered it is possible to manhandle it alone (which I do not in any way recommend). In my case I had a cherry picker handy so it was easy to deal with and I did not really need any help. Once on it's stand, it was very easy to work on. I was able to resinstall in on my own without assistance.
          As mentioned in a previous post, I replaced nearly all of the seals in my upper unit and one in the lower unit. Having the manuals handy, it was surprisingly easy so i don't have any qualms about doing it again (god forbid!). It will be interesting to see how Andy's lower rebuild goes.
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            I've done my own repairs to the upper unit, mainly punching out the plug that is installed when trucourse is not used. For work on my stern drive, I remove it from the boat and slide it into a wooden stand I built. With this stand I've replaced three impellers (from three different boats), installed trucourse steering from my old burnt up drive, and even done painting. These drives are EASY to work on, the books are great, and having some mechanical ability does help. But I found it very easy and straight forward.
            If anyone wants my procedure for knocking out the dummy plug on drives that used tiller arm push pull rack and pinion, or if they'd like pictures or dimensions of how to build your own sterndrive stand, let me know. It's built from scrap 2x4's.

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            I have been following Andy’s messages lately (forward clutch not working) and it raises questions that I have had for some time.
            How many of us on this list have themselves rebuilt the lower or upper unit on their OMC Stern Drive?
            I ask this question because I am noticing that as our stern drive units get older there are less and less mechanics who know how to work on them, or who are willing to work on them.
            Lately it seems that the ones who are willing to work on them can charge a very high price. Paying the high price is a great way to go for those who can afford to pay it. But for those who HAVE MECHANICAL ABILITIES, and who either would like to work on the unit them self, or who will eventually be forced into working on the unit them self, we will then need some sort of OMC on line stern drive rebuild clinic in order to
            repair the units.
            Now I have read my OMC service Manual and have used my OMC parts manual in order to make repairs on my lower unit. While making the repairs I noticed that I ran into problems with what the book described I needed to do and what I actually had to do. My repairs went well but I’m sure my strategy of repairing the unit can be improved upon., I humbly ask questions from those of you who have actually made repairs.
            My first questions are these;
            How many on this list have them selves made repairs on their lower or upper unit?
            What was your overall experience?
            In your opinion what is the best way to remove the lower unit in order to work on it at home?
            Is there an OMC Stern Drive Training center, If so where is it?
            "That’s all I want to know at this time"

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