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I like the idea of a permanent valve.  Seems to me to be the best way to go.  Then all you have to do is to run a hose through the rear drain plug to the valve (assuming the boat is out of the water) and let it drain into a bucket or the like.    Will have to look into that for myself.

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On Mon, 10 Aug 2009, BC Howk wrote:
> I have not tried one of the larger extractors like Lee is talking about. Think I will
> next time though.....What I typically do is line my bilge with a garbage bag (the
> thicker the better) and have a bucket standing by to put the bag in. I usually get
> pretty good results but it can get messy in a hurry if you don't carefully place the
> bag and take caution  pulling it out (thus having the bucket immediatly available) My
> typical method requires being a little bit of a contortionist to get under there and
> get everything set remove the plug, etc. etc....That pump is sounding better everytime
> I do it.

I installed an oil drain valve in my OMC V-6 a few years ago and in
retrospect it was a great decision.  Oil changes are trivial and not the
slightest bit messy now.  Before that I'd done it with bags several times
(making a small mess once and a huge mess the other time) and always
dreaded the oil change process.  It's been a busy day for me, so I'm going
to take the liberty of reposting one of my messages on this topic from a
couple years ago:

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On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Andy Perakes wrote:
> On Fri, 07 Dec 2007, Lee wrote:
> >Glad you had success finding your parts.  When you get a chance how about
> >shawing some pics or a sketch of how you implemented your oil drain hose
> >and also your fuel pump overflow hose.
> Hi, Lee.  I will be happy to do that!  I went up to see the work first
> hand over the w/e, but didn't think to take pictures.  The oil drain hose
> he's installing was a kit, I think by a company called Jesco?  He said
> its a standard part and he's installed a lot of them over the years.  It
> basically replaces the oil pan drain plug the routes out the boat drain
> plug hole like on newer boats.  I'll get some pics and confirm the name
> of the kit and the manufacturer when I go back up next weekend to drop
> off more parts.

I put in an oil drain valve a couple years ago and it's a real time saver
over the plastic bag trick or making a mess in the bilge.  I'm using a
valve made by a company called Fumoto.  It's a brass piece that goes in
place of your oil drain plug.  It's got a metal valve handle with a
spring-loaded catch and a hose barb.

When I want to change the oil, I slip a few feet of 3/8 fuel line up
through the bilge drain (with the boat on the trailer) and onto the barb
and secure it with a hose clamp (perhaps not necessary, but I'm paranoid).
Then I flip the lever open and it drains right out - you can drain it
straight into jugs and not even get your drain pan dirty.  It does drain a
lot slower though through all that hose... [NOTE: Be sure to drain your oil

It's survived two seasons of boating [MORE NOW] without leaking and they're
certified by a bunch of manufacturers (and originally installed on many
boats and heavy duty engines), so it seems pretty reliable.

If you've got the 225 in^3 V-6 (155 hp) you need the F101N - 1/2-20
threads.  Be sure to get one with the "N" at the end - that means it has
the hose nipple.  I bought mine online from a place named Tewco near
Milwaukee (tewco@...) for $22.50 plus a few bucks shipping.

Here's the manufacturer's web site (you can also order them direct):


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