[OMC-Boats] 1970 Seasport 155

From: Ron Mathewson <ron.mathewson@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 13:44:35 -0700 (PDT)

    I have finally worked out my Tilt motor issues and would like to share a bad experience I had with a tilt motor I bought on e-bay. The motor came with a 5 year warranty, but by the time I figure out the issue, my 90 day window for electrical returns had passed. The motor was assembled incorrectly when it was re-built and was shorting itself out. I spent many hours trying to troubleshoot this and did not consider the motor, after all it was "new". Anyhow, if you choose to go aftermarket, make sure you test all electrical components before install.
    On another note, after fixing my tilt motor I discovered the worm drive retaining spring was worn and would not keep the "puck" in place. Fortunatel this was found out in the garage and not open water. I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of a OMC Part NO 981348 aka OMC Tilt Worm Retainer Kit. I have searched e-bay and several other parts outlets with no luck. If anyone has one on a spare lower unit, I will pay a fair price for it.
 Ron Mathewson

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