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From: Scott Veazie <scottveazie@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 22:37:35 -0700

Hey Bill,

Since my original unit was run dry, it chewed all the splines off the gears. I think in your case since yours didn't cease up and had something in it, just fill it up to the upper level plug and gently run it on the hose. Also, you were fairly cautious so at this point, put the extra oil in and see what happens. Like I said before, I've been told you can put 90wt in the upper, since the electrical doesn't run through the upper unit.


Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 20:37:07 -0700
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OK guys...... I may have boo-booed big time here but let me see what you think.

After reassembling and mounting my outdrive, I filled the lower unit properly from the bottom up but apparently did not properly fill the upper unit. The manual says to fill until oil comes out of the side plug but it didn't specify there were two side plugs, a lower one and an upper one tucked up and almost out of sight. I thought it odd that it didn't take more than about 1/4 quart hence my question to the group about thatl. I did see what I now know to be the upper plug but it was painted over and sealed so I did not make the connection that it was likely the "level" plug I should have used.

I took the boat out today for it's first run after resealing the upper unit. Before going out on the lake, I ran her in a tub of water to validate
 the pump was indeed pumping water properly which it was. In that test, I think I ran it for a total of 10mins over the span of perhaps an hour. I thought the outdrive sounded a bit loud but not being familiar with it, I noted it and as before posted a comment to the group about it.

Late this morning I put her in the water at a friends marina (glad to say she was water tight with no leaks). I idled over to my buddy's houseboat circling several times in the area behind his boat while he brought the truck around, probably about 7mins max. After that, I shut her down down for about 2hrs while we did some work on his boat.

When we finally got around to checking my boat I idled out to the main lake and accelerated only mildly because I didn't want to overdue anything until I had better confidence in it. I still wondered about the loudness of the outdrive whirring away. As it turned out I could not go
 over 1000k rpms anyway because she severely needs a tune up which was not immediately apparent running in a bucket and not under any load.

Overall, the test run lasted only 30mins and only running somewhere around 600-1000 rpms. When it became apparent she would not go over 1000rpms, we just idled over to my buddy's boat and tied up for the afternoon and did not run it again until I idled back over to the boat ramp.

It was not run bone dry, probably 1/4 quart or whatever amount is contained below the lower drainplug and overall it was not run hard or for very long. I'm thinking it was not enough to incur any damage but who knows!? Anyway, I thought I'd see if anyone had a similar such circumstance. Anyone care to offer an opinon on the likelihood of damage??


Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC

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From: Scott Veazie <scottveazie@...>
Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] She pumps water!
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Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 10:04 AM



I've had the same problem with three stern drives now, that big black ring leaks. It doesn't effect much, when you're up on plane you'll hear a little more exhaust, but hey, Buick v-6's sound good! The only other side effect if you don't clean the stern of your boat, you'll accumulate a "scum/exhaust" line at the water level. I didn't want to pay the $48 I was quoted just for the ring so I didn't worry about it. You won't hear it at idle, it's just some exhaust escaping before it goes underwater.


Regarding the oil change, mine was the same way. A whole quart for the lower, and not very much in the upper. I have a four bolt drive like you, but I have TWO plugs on the side of the upper, plus the top cap filler. I pumped it in until oil came out the upper side plug (not the top fill plug). It seemed odd but it wouldn't take any more, and my guess was unless you waited for days drailing the old stuff or pumped it out, you'll never fully get all the old stuff out.


Actually from what I've been told by boat shops, they only use Type C in the lower now even for electric, and run 90wt. in the upper. I think when OMC switched to mechanical shift, they were still using the same upper cases and just ran 90wt in all of them. I had to buy two quarts of "C" anyway, so I just followed the old instructions and put C in both.



Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:04:50 -0700
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Subject: [OMC-Boats] She pumps water!

FINALLY...... I finished putting my outdrive back together after replacing most of the seals and now she's pumping water pretty strongly. I replaced the intake hoses with clear plastic ones so I could monitor them regularly.

Couple of questions:

The exhaust black plastic/rubber ring seal between the exhaust housing and the lower unit doesn't appear to be very well. Dirty exhaust water is bubbling up and out around the ring. Is that a problem? I wouldn't think so since that's likely under water most of the time anyway but thought I'd ask to be sure. A new ring is a whopping $38.00

Also, maybe it's only because it's out of the water but the outdrive sure seems noisy to me. Like a loud whirring noise. Maybe just the impeller doing it's thing? Are they always that loud?

And finally, when I filled with type C gear
 oil, the lower unit took about a quart. On the other hand, the upper unit took only a quarter quart. Is that right? I followed the instruction manual to fill from the top of the upper unit until it starts coming out of the lower drain plug but I'd have thought it should take more than that. No?

I'd love to take her out today but I don't have a bimini top yet (waiting to get the mechanicals finished) and it's supposed to be 103 today (again for nearly two weeks) and I have been out on a boat with no cover....NASTY. Comfort is a big part of the equation so I may skip today in favor of Friday where it will only be 90-95.!

Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive

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