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You might also check the points to insure you don't have point float going on.  Point float usually occurs at higher rpm's and is caused by a lack of adequate point spring tension causing the points to sometime not close all the way.

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Subject: [OMC-Boats] Carb Issue? Or maybe Water issue?
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After many weeks of slower rides around the lake, last week I took the 1964 Johnson Deluxe V6 155hp out into open water to run it and see what would happen. Got off to a slow start and steadily climbed up to 3/4 throttle for a couple miles when it started to cough, once, then twice, so we slowed and turned back for the dock. It seemed to be running smooth once again, so we increased the speed and once again it coughed and sputtered.

We took off the cover and idled for a bit and after a while it quit and wouldn't start. We waited and tried again but nothing. We thought maybe over heating, or no gas. We noticed the Barr exhaust manifolds were a little warmer than usual, bottom hoses were warm, top were cooler. Thermostat was replaced last year. We were getting good flow from the back stream. Water flow seemed a little low in the large water Gates hose when squeezed.

When cranking the engine we couldn't see much fuel going into the carb. Fuel was supplied by a 6 gallon tank (temporary while refurbishing the old tank) connected to the mechanical fuel pump.

The other day I go out to start troubleshooting, get in the boat, turn on the water to the stern drive, and it fires right up! Go figure.

Could be overheating. Maybe the float needs to be adjusted, if so do I bend the tang up or down? Last year I replaced the float with a new one that had a pinhole.

anyone have any thoughts before I try it out again this weekend?


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