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Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 19:01:30 -0600


As far as safety is concerned, I feel better having "upgraded" to more modern separates for blower and bilge pump functions. (Sorry, my old unit was tossed during my re-powering project, 3 or 4 seasons back.)

1) You can put the bilge pump on an AUTO-OFF-ON switch where the AUTO wiring is sourced to the battery. That way it will bail anytime the sensor switch tells it to, even if you aren't around.

2) I like the 3-inch,Jabsco Flexmount (squirrel-cage) which moves over 105 CFM, which you can find for less than $60. Very quiet and low current draw. The typical axial inlines are prone to failing after a couple of seasons and are loud.

Obviously, you could run them both at the same time off the existing switch and wiring, but I prefer having independent control over each.


Lee Shuster

PS -- Finally had my boat out for the first time this season. I used to bow cover and kept the windshield closed as it was cold (Air temp was about 55 F and water temp was 60 F.)
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Does anyone have a functioning original bilge/blower combo unit they'd like to part with? I'm not sure I'll be able to salvage mine...lots of rust and oil contamination....


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