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I am resending this again, as the question is being asked by the author a second time. (Maybe my first reply did not make it? Nah.....) Anyways, read the thread below on sourcing a distributor drive belt for a 480, 488 or 490 2-stroker. Aka, the DU-series sterndrive.

Lee Shuster

PS -- If varmits chewed thru your belt, better make sure they didn't chew thru your rubber transom aperature seal as well. (Otherwise your boat might sink on it's re-maiden voyage.)

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Are you referring to the rubber toothed belt that drives the distributor? Many of your engine-specific parts are shared with the 1958 to 1968 Evinrude-Johnson V-4 outboards, typically 60-75-80-90 hp, including the belt you speak of.

You'll be able to find the parts easier if you broaden your search beyond OMC sterndrive dealers and include Evinrude-Johnson Outboard sources as well.

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Any one know where to find a timing belt ??

For my 17 deluxe. I've looked everywhere and cant find one. Part no. is 309432 Good year made them. Mouse chewed through mine.

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