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Are you speaking directly to the differences between 69 and 70 fuel tank location on the 4-inch deeper 16-ft hull?

Part of the design change on the 70 fuel tank was made in part for maintaining swamped fore-aft level stability. There is actually a sea-ballast area under the floor that fills in this condition, to help prevent a nose high attitude when swamped. I'm not sure if there were significant or even noticeable ride improvements.

In this regard, OMC designers were among the earliest boat builders to insure that their boats would nose high when swamped. That was one reason they placed a lot of extra floatation in the stern areas, above the floor.

I agree the iconic Sportsman symmetrical "bi-fold" isn't quite as convenient as the, step-thru, three piece designs. But you can spot a Sportsman a long way off, because nothing else has that look, open or closed!

lee shuster

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The '70 made at least one significant improvement (in my opinion) from my '69 ---- the three piece windshield. My bi-folding windshield is a pain when it's closed. You can just open the center walkway, right? Your engine cover doesn't go the full width of the boat either, does it? Also, I'm wondering if the fuel tank in the bow was a ride improvement or just a way of creating more interior space in the back?

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There's a fine-looking '70 Sportsman 155 for sale right now near Minneapolis. I had pictures of the interior sent and it is clean...good deal, too. Too bad I can only drive one boat at a time or I'd buy it for my collection:

-Doug Julien

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I live in Lansing MI and I bought it in Western Michigan. One owner with 159 hours.

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Where are you located and where did you get the boat? sounds great.

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Hello to all,

I have recently purchased a 1970 Evinrude Sportsman 155 which appears
to be in very good condition. I will have many questions and some of
them are fairly basic but the first one is refueling the boat. It
used to run on leaded and is unleaded safe for it and there appears to
be two different places to refuel- one in the bow and one in the
stern. The boat is running well at this time and appears that it only
had one owner.

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