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My 1964 Evinrude "Sweet 16" has the oil injection system on it and works great. It consists of a 2 cyl. oil tank located along side the engine to the right, probably holds a gallon or more of oil. You are right to the fact that the injector pump runs off the distributor. It pulles oil from the tank and distributes it to each individual cylinder via 4 small tubes that are directed to the air boxes facing  each individual cylinder. There is a pressure switch on the side of the injector pump that is for an ignition kill in the event you loose oil pressure and a light on the dash that indicates when the oil tank is low. That's about it I think. Anyway I had a conversation last year when I thought I was having problems with the system and was told by a mechanic to disconnect it and run a mix in my gas tank, it ran fine. I think that the boats originally ran that way. I found there was no problem so hooked the system back up  Wish I could help with the
 plexiglas piece, can one be fabricated?  Happy boating

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Lee and others... I am puzzled by the oil injection system on the 88hp OMC Dual Deluxe engines. I have four engines from two separate boats that I acquired from separate sources. None of the four engines appear to have any remnants of any oil injection system. I have the service/shop manuals for the engines that describe the oil injection system function but on all four of my engines it is missing/non-existent - I THINK! I have two engines running good on 'mixed gas'... On the back of my distributor drive shaft, one engine has a cover on the distributor 'output' shaft the other does not. The service manual says the injection pump ran off the back of the distributor so that makes sense. I also have the original factory parts manual for the Dual Deluxe that shows all non-engine accessory locations, wiring diagrams, fuel tanks and fuel lines, priming pumps, etc... Yet it shows nothing regarding the oil injection system, location of oil reservoir or
 return lines... BUT the twin fuel fill collars on the front deck both are imprinted with the warning to use 'straight gas or marine white gas'...
So my question is, was oil injection actually ever put on these boats or was it a 'phantom system'? Was it problematic so they were typically removed? Where was the reservoir located, where did you fill it? Should I try to find them and reinstallor just run on mixed gas?
Thanks!  As you restore these boats it is fascinating to discover the level of engineering!
P.S. C'mon....somebody MUST have an extra clear plexiglass dash piece that they will part with....$50?

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Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 OMC Johnson Deluxe - Wiring Diagram?

I had forgotten that the Horn was standard on the 17's even having the switch as part of the dashboard.
But if someone replaced the (marine-rated) Prestolite alternator and it's external regulator, I guess you should determine what the replacement alternator is and it's condition?  If it's a Delco  (with internal regulator) is it a one-wire or three-wire? My guess is, this has a higher probability of being the root cause of your failure to charge your batteries.
You mentioned battery-plural. Is there a dual battery setup?  If so, what method of switching or isolation is in place? That also could be a problem.
I only raise these "other" questions because ammeters rarely fail.

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For what its worth I have had two 1964' Johnson Deluxes and neither have had this Master switch. The Alternator I believe is a solid state added in the last couple years. The fuse panel is located up underneath the dash where the Green and Brown 8ga. wires connect. There is a horn on these models and a fuse for it on the Buss.

Soon I'll get the wire loom put back together along with the ammeter and see what I have. Thanks again for the help.

On May 4, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Lee Shuster wrote:

>> 8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to Master Switch (is this wire run all the way to the Battery Power Switch?)  <<
As far as I know, OMC didn't add the MASTER (Disconnect) Switch which is located under the helm dash until 1967 models (my 66 Sportsman didn't have a disconnect switch).
This switch is "downstream" of the Ammeter and basically cuts off all 12+ vdc going to the fuse distribution panel, but the ammeter remains "hot" As far as I know, the factory never installed "Battery Power Switches" in the engine compartment. If you boat has one of those, I'd be checking out all the wiring. Does you boat have a working Prestolite Alternator and solid-state regulator?
The wiring on OMC boats seems a little complicated compared to other boats of the day, but they were well documented and the harnesses were originally well laid out. Getting good reliable, corrison-free connections will provide enhanced reliability and peace of mind. It's hard to get a jump start when your miles from the dock.
Also, to avoid confusion: On early OMC (62-67) models the GREEN, LARGE 8 GA wire connects the (-) Ammeter terminal to the (+) source. Some ammeters label their (-) BAT and their (+) GEN.
(You won't urt an ammeter by hooking it up with reversered polarity.) On later OMC (68-up) models this got confusing because the BROWN (replaced the GREEN (-) and ORANGE replaced the BROWN (+) on the ammeter.  My spreadsheet chart uses the OLDER 62-67 color scheme.
>>  8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to + Buss Post <<
I believe this is only necessary if you boat is equipped with a horn. It's basically just a accessory junction point for connecting additional unfused devices. I'm not sure if this (under helm-dash)junction point was installed on all boat models?
Lee Shuster

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All very helpful Lee, thanks for sharing.

I think my plan will be to use the schematics you posted as a visual reference, matching only the specific wire colors I can for now. 

This all started because my batteries were not keeping a charge. After looking more closely I noticed that the wiring loom on the engine had been spliced many times over the years and some wires went nowhere. I figured I would jump in and rework the loom and learn a little more about which wire goes where in the process.

As for the amp meter, I had it tied together on a unused post on the circuit board but I would like to get it working again to check on the batteries. At this time I only have the 8ga. green and brown wires coming in the dashboard. Your schematic also shows three 10ga. brown wires, I guess I am missing a few connector wires there.

I plan on adding these to the Amp meter...
8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to + Buss Post

8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to Master Switch (is this wire run all the way to the Battery Power Switch?)

8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to "B" Ignition switch


On May 4, 2009, at 10:59 AM, Lee Shuster wrote:

Here's a couple of resources:

I made a web-html-spreadsheet that shows the wiring colors on my 66 150 hp Sterndrive.
You don't need Excel software to view it. It should be very similar to you 64.
You will see tabs at the bottom that group wiring functions by physical location. Scroll down to view instructions.
You can also click on the where the blue hyperlink to view "distant" end of the wire connects to. See:

Also, if you are a more visual learner you may view the BLACK & WHITE factory (1968) schematic here:   (Click to ZOOM in)

A later (1973) full-color sterndrive schematic is here, but it was for generic OMC OEM boat builders, not the E_J_O boats as above.

What is the symptom that makes you think the ammeter is bad? 

The factory used in-series, full-current flow Ammeters. By that, I mean there were no parallel current shunts that proportionately divided the current flow. An ammeter isn't likely to fail, but after 40 yrs, I'd first start be inspecting and cleaning all the wiring junctions and connections. You can easily bypass the meter by safely joining it's wires together. You could easily test the ammeter, by taking it out of it's circuit (remove the wires from it) and then testing it with a VOM or test lamp in circuit. If the ammeter won't pass current to light a small test bulb and it's needle doesn't deflect under load, then it probably is bad. 

Lee Shuster

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Does anyone know where to find a wiring diagram for the OMC 1964 Johnson Evinrude/Deluxe Sterndrives (150hp). I have looked at everything I can online and in the Seloc manuals but the wire colors don't seem to match.

Also, is it possible for a Amp meter to go bad? ...and is there a way to test for this??

Thanks much,

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