Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 OMC Johnson Deluxe - Wiring Diagram?

From: Jeff LaCoste <heavy@...>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 12:02:37 -0700

All very helpful Lee, thanks for sharing.

I think my plan will be to use the schematics you posted as a visual
reference, matching only the specific wire colors I can for now.

This all started because my batteries were not keeping a charge.
After looking more closely I noticed that the wiring loom on the
engine had been spliced many times over the years and some wires went
nowhere. I figured I would jump in and rework the loom and learn a
little more about which wire goes where in the process.

As for the amp meter, I had it tied together on a unused post on the
circuit board but I would like to get it working again to check on
the batteries. At this time I only have the 8ga. green and brown
wires coming in the dashboard. Your schematic also shows three 10ga.
brown wires, I guess I am missing a few connector wires there.

I plan on adding these to the Amp meter...
8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to + Buss Post
8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to Master Switch (is this wire run all the
way to the Battery Power Switch?)
8ga. brown wire from Amp+ to "B" Ignition switch


On May 4, 2009, at 10:59 AM, Lee Shuster wrote:

> Here's a couple of resources:
> I made a web-html-spreadsheet that shows the wiring colors on my 66
> 150 hp Sterndrive.
> You don't need Excel software to view it. It should be very similar
> to you 64.
> You will see tabs at the bottom that group wiring functions by
> physical location. Scroll down to view instructions.
> You can also click on the where the blue hyperlink to view
> "distant" end of the wire connects to. See:
> Also, if you are a more visual learner you may view the BLACK &
> WHITE factory (1968) schematic here:
> (Click to ZOOM in)
> A later (1973) full-color sterndrive schematic is here, but it was
> for generic OMC OEM boat builders, not the E_J_O boats as above.
> What is the symptom that makes you think the ammeter is bad?
> The factory used in-series, full-current flow Ammeters. By that, I
> mean there were no parallel current shunts that proportionately
> divided the current flow. An ammeter isn't likely to fail, but
> after 40 yrs, I'd first start be inspecting and cleaning all the
> wiring junctions and connections. You can easily bypass the meter
> by safely joining it's wires together. You could easily test the
> ammeter, by taking it out of it's circuit (remove the wires from
> it) and then testing it with a VOM or test lamp in circuit. If the
> ammeter won't pass current to light a small test bulb and it's
> needle doesn't deflect under load, then it probably is bad.
> Lee Shuster
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> Does anyone know where to find a wiring diagram for the OMC 1964
> Johnson Evinrude/Deluxe Sterndrives (150hp). I have looked at
> everything I can online and in the Seloc manuals but the wire
> colors don't seem to match.
> Also, is it possible for a Amp meter to go bad? ...and is there a
> way to test for this??
> Thanks much,
> Jeff
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