Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 OMC Johnson Deluxe - Wiring Diagram?

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Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 11:48:01 -0700

Can't remember where I got this, but may be helpful....




OMC Boat/Engine Wiring
1964 - 1968 Color Codes & Functions



Battery Negative ( - ), Ground

Battery Positive ( B+ ),
"I" Ignition Switched
(I + B in Run position)

Alt-GEN ( + Ammeter )

Battery ( - Ammeter )

Starter Control Circuit

"I" Ignition Switched to Ballast/Coil

Regulator "F" Field Control

Fuel Level Gauge Signal

Oil Pressure Signal

Water Temp Signal

Tachometer ( - ) Coil -- Points

Instrument Lights

Tilt Control UP

Tilt Control DOWN

Forward Shift Control

Reverse Shift Control

Wiper Motor

Cigar Lighter


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> Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 OMC Johnson Deluxe - Wiring Diagram?
> Here's a couple of resources:
> I made a web-html-spreadsheet that shows the wiring colors on my 66 150 hp Sterndrive.
> You don't need Excel software to view it. It should be very similar to you 64.
> You will see tabs at the bottom that group wiring functions by physical location. Scroll down to view instructions.
> You can also click on the where the blue hyperlink to view "distant" end of the wire connects to. See:
> Also, if you are a more visual learner you may view the BLACK & WHITE factory (1968) schematic here:
> (Click to ZOOM in)
> A later (1973) full-color sterndrive schematic is here, but it was for generic OMC OEM boat builders, not the E_J_O boats as above.
> What is the symptom that makes you think the ammeter is bad?
> The factory used in-series, full-current flow Ammeters. By that, I mean there were no parallel current shunts that proportionately divided the current flow. An ammeter isn't likely to fail, but after 40 yrs, I'd first start be inspecting and cleaning all the wiring junctions and connections. You can easily bypass the meter by safely joining it's wires together. You could easily test the ammeter, by taking it out of it's circuit (remove the wires from it) and then testing it with a VOM or test lamp in circuit. If the ammeter won't pass current to light a small test bulb and it's needle doesn't deflect under load, then it probably is bad.
> Lee Shuster
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> Subject: [OMC-Boats] 1964 OMC Johnson Deluxe - Wiring Diagram?
> Does anyone know where to find a wiring diagram for the OMC 1964 Johnson Evinrude/Deluxe Sterndrives (150hp). I have looked at everything I can online and in the Seloc manuals but the wire colors don't seem to match.
> Also, is it possible for a Amp meter to go bad? ...and is there a way to test for this??
> Thanks much,
> Jeff
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