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You can get a good idea by looking at the published brochure weights on Phil's web site.

The 225 was new in 1964 and the weights are only given for the V-4 DeLuxe that year @... 1640 lbs.
The 120 I-4 Deluxe would add roughly (est.) 100 # more @... 1740 lbs
The Dual V-4' Deluxe were listed in 1964 at 1800 lbs (The hot ticket!)

The 225 V-6 Deluxe would add roughly (est.) 100 # more at 1850 lbs.

The 1965 and 1966 models all gained some weight due to improvements. The 1966 Deluxe V6 is listed at 2100 lbs.

Assuming you get ALL the safety gear, and fuel out of your boat, and "dry" weight of around 1900 - 2000 lbs would be acceptable.

I didn't double check the PUBLISHED trailer weight (with and without brakes) but figure about 650 - 700 lbs.

Another way to cross-check hull weight is run some verified speed checks against a GPS. Use this webpage to verify performance:

Your (empty) boat should be able to achieve around 37 - 38 mph at sea level, with 1 person aboard, assuming a correctly pitched prop, properly tuned engine, clean hull and ideal conditions.

So the long answer to your questions isn't easy: But 2550 to 2700 lbs on the scales for empty boat and trailer is close. If you see 3000 # or more you've got water under the floo or perhapsa bunch of gear or stow-aways on your craft. If you can get her up to 36 - 37 (verified) mph at sea level, I wouldn't be too concerned.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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  Does anyone have the specs on weight for the 1964 Johnson/OMC Deluxe 17 foot? Mine has the 225 Buick V-6 I/O... I want to weigh it out to make sure I'm not carrying any extra water...



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