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Is a Playmate (14.5 foot) too small?


I have a '66 Playmate, on the original trailer, that had been running
pretty well 3 summers ago. Haven't had it out since then. Interior needs
to be redone. I haven't done it yet because I suspect the sub-floor foam
is waterlogged. Wife doesn't want to hear about me putting anymore time
or money into it. I also have a second Evinrude Playmate trailer if
anyone is interested.


I'm in the Milwaukee area, maybe 90 minutes north of Joliet.


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know. I can
get you more details and pictures.





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Hello members. Geez I remember these boats from back in the 70's when
I worked at an Evinrude dealer out here in Connecticut after moving back
from 20 years in Illinois. Nevertheless I'll be heading back out to the
midwest likely for a long term commitment in the near future and have
been looking for a Evinrude Dolphin primarily but any one of these boats
would do me fine. I just really like the style. I've been trying to
acquire a sweet 16 for some time now but it seems hopes of that have
faded. What I'll be doing is driving out along I-80 or I-90 through NY,
PA, OH, IN and Illinois to get to my destination in Joliet. I'll
likely be using the boat up in Fox Lake, Illinois or up to Wisconsin on
the Chain O'Lakes . Anybody along these routes that is looking to
sell a boat I'd like to hear about it especially if you've got pictures.
Could be a clunker that needs lots of work or a pristine rare model, I
could go either way Only requirement is it has a quickly fixed or
repairable decent and register able trailer to haul it on. Let me
know if you know anybody in any of those tiny towns along the way you
might be surprised and make 2 people happy. Thanks for the great
website. One little problem though, when I click on to go to archives
it always tells me message 404 and you can't get there from here.
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