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Hi Bill,

OMC did a nice job with the manufacturing and production of special aluminum parts like the dash panel, but that unforntunately makes them somewhat unique with respect to what are now considered industry-standard parts. You could most likely pull the instruments and panel out and enlarge the openings to accept instruments from Beede, Faria, Teleflex, CruzPro.

I went with CruzPro and they have a series of larger digital instruments that have 2-inch backplanes but will completely cover your existing opening. For ideas, you can see how I redid my Sportsman's instrument panel a couple of years ago at: PROJECT HELM I included photos of various other stock Sportman helm's at: I probably got carried away, but it also afforded me the opportunity to completely re-wire the helm and update important safety and reliability areas. I also desgined my panel to allow me to swap out the more expensive CruzPro digital instruments for traditional (round) analog instruments if I ever decide to sell my boat.

Good luck and let us know how you decide to tackle your project.


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        I'm restoring a '70 Envinrude 16' Explorer 150 and need to replace all three of the instrumentation pods; speedometer, tach, combined fuel/volt meter. The openings in the aluminum faceplate that holds each instrument is 3.25". It seems all current market items require 4" holes.

        1) Is there a source for 3.25" like gauges?
        2) Has someone successfully widened the holes to 4" to accommodate current gauges that are out there on the market (Teleflex, Faria, etc)? (successfully as in still able to gett he instrument into the hole inspite of the overhang lip).
        3) Any other suggestions?

        I thought about dispensing partially or entirely the aluminum faceplace and replace it with wood like teak or the like. Anyone done that?


        Dallas, TX.


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