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From: JEFF DOOD <jdood@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 09:19:23 -0800

Hi Greg,

If you can't get rid of it and it's junk yard bound, please send me
an email. I have the same boat. The main thing I need are the
navigation light lenses.

thanks, Jeff

On Jan 27, 2009, at 9:29 PM, Greg Van Vliet wrote:

> I too have had to face reality that I am not likely going to ever
> finish rebuilding my 64 Johnson Deluxe 16. I've got the hull all
> stripped out and I've even separated the top deck from it (to allow
> for easier surface refinishing). Although I know the work to be
> done is not beyond my capability, I have to finally admit that it
> just hasn't been enough of a priority for me to justify holding on
> to "the dream".
> The other reality I have to face is that we're not a "boating
> family" now and even if I finished the project I'm not sure that
> we'd really make much use of it. I'm more interested in a boat for
> fishing and a smaller boat with a 9.9 hp outboard will actually get
> more use since there are more locations that I could use it in due
> to lake powerboat restrictions. Coincidentally a 14 ft lightweight
> fiberglass fishing boat that actually has a bit of a tri-hull shape
> and blunt nose has come up on the local Craigslist. It come with a
> 9.9 Johnson OB, a Minn Kota Maxxum 40 electric OB, a fish finder and
> 2 deep cell batteries for $1500.00 OBO. I need the big "smaller"
> size boat because I have 4 sons that all want to go fishing with
> me. The thought of being able to buy a good running craft and be
> able to get out this Spring has brought me to the conclusion that
> this really what I want now. I also have to admit that the original
> 90 hp Johnson Golden Meteor motor may not be worth refurbishing or
> rebuilding since it's such a gas pig that I'll have to expect to pay
> something like $30 - $40 an hour to run it. That's just too much
> for my wallet right now. The other option of getting a newer motor
> also doesn't fit my budget.
> The worst part of possibly letting go is that I don't want the hull
> to get junked. I doubt anyone else in my vicinity (Vancouver, BC,
> Canada) will want to take on the project, but I'll try and see if
> anyone is interested. Of course, if anyone on the list is
> interested you should contact me. I'm basically going to give the
> hull away and sell the trailer for about $500. The original motor
> appears to be in good condition (but not running) and there are
> spare parts for it from other motors that I've acquired. If I get
> zero interest in the hull I may have to junk it ( :-( ) but I'll
> keep all the components and offer them to anyone on the list that
> needs them (for a low price) before listing them for sale elsewhere.
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:59 PM, Ian Torrey <itorrey@...> wrote:
> No problem Dan. I would like to have done this project, but just too
> much on the go these days. Will keep my ear open for others as well.
> If you hear of anyone into a project, I'll probably be letting this
> go for a couple hundred bucks (or less :)
> On 1/27/09 3:37 PM, "Dan McCormack" <mcmack@...> wrote:
> Hi Ian
> Right boat and right location for me (I'm in Muskoka) but the Sweet
> 16' I have sounds to be in better shape. I use it for my cottage
> maintenance business and am looking around for another one in equal
> or better condition to add to the fleet. You can't beat them for
> load capacity and general utility in such a short boat. Anyhow if
> another one comes to your attention in central Ontario let me know.
> Thanks very much.
> Dan
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> Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 Evinrude
> Just west of Ottawa, Ontario (Dunrobin K0A 1T0). It needs a
> transom and a fair bit of work, but willing to let it go really
> cheap! Even if I did the restoration, it's too small for my family :)
> Regards,
> Greg Van Vliet
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