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You didn't mention the load and altitude conditions that you ran your top speed test or if it was verified by GPS.

You can play around with my online calculator at:

The hull factor for your boat is not too different from the 16 footers. (Slightly heavier but a bit more efficient).

Your boat might hit a max of 32 - 33 mph depending on altitude, load, prop pitch engine RPM, etc.

Ironically if you throw in 300 -400 lbs of extra wight you drop into the 29 - 30 mph range.

I wouldn't be surprised it there's some underfloor water in there after forty years.

Why do you think it "trailers heavy" ??


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  Hello Dan, Yes you will have flotation under your floor. Considering the age of the boat I bet the foam under the floor is waterlogged. Even though its called closed cell foam it will fill up. I removed the foam from my 19 foot weighed 400= lbs. cut small hole in the center of the wood floor and dig down and see if there is any water.



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  i have a 1964 OMC 17' powered by a 4 cyll chev.... does somebody have info on the hull....need to know


  whether there is additional flotation in the hull.. and if so, what is it made of ?


  this boat does 30 mph at the top end.... the 4 cyl needs work... but...


  the boat feels too heavy,,,, when trailring it .... suggestions?? Dan.......+


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