[OMC-Boats] intake manifold/head gaskets

From: JEFF DOOD <jdood@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:10:06 -0700

the overheating issue is now narrowed way down. in fact, i have my
boat back in my shop now and am going to try and do stuff myself from
here on out. it's running pretty good, but still overheating in one
little spot on the engine - right at the "1" stamp on the intake
manifold over the #1 cylinder. that spot consistantly reads 200-220
on the heat gun when testing out on the water. everywhere else seems
to read normal temps.

so i have to embark on a little exploration surgery here and see if
there's some sort of blockage right there in the #1 cylinder
area. which means taking off the intake manifold.

which means a new gasket, right?

same with the cylinder heads?

any chance the existing gaskets can survive, if i am really careful?

  the idea with both those gaskets is complete air and water
tightness, right?

so even a pin sized leak can be bad, right?

i have no problem buying gaskets, but surprise surprise - not seeming
to be readlly available. part of the problem is not knowing exactly
which year engine i have. boat, '64. engine - who knows. Buick
v-6 155 around '70 i'm told.

And, unless i am missing something, i can't know that the gaskets
i've ordered will fit (providing i can even find them), unless i take
the intake manifold off - at which point i will have trashed my
existing gasket.

i don't want to get into a situation where i have the engine
disassembled and can't find gaskets.

Can those gaskets be custom made by hand as a backup last resort?
cork? ???? i can't find the blockage unless i get in there
and look.

thanks! jeff
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