[OMC-Boats] 1971 Chris-Craft Gull Wing for sale

From: mckeown <mckeown@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:33:20 -0500

I'm offering my '71 Gull Wing for sale. This boat can be seen in the 2002
sale section, owned then by Bob Rowe. There are also pix in the sightings
section. The boat looks about identical to what's in those photos. I did
remove the depth finder and reinstall the original tach.


I have done some improvements/upgrades to the trailer: fitted new hubs that
will take modern wheels with a smaller center hole; bought two new tires and
wheels from Northern Tool, so the rubber is a year old, and there's a spare
mounted. I replaced the surge hitch with a Reese conventional hitch and
added new safety chains, and I also removed the original jack and put on a
1500 lb. aftermarket one.


The boat was running okay, but I cleaned some crud out of the carb, rebuilt
it, and now the engine starts and runs perfectly. I also painted the upper
regions of the engine in a very nice, if non-matching, Bill Hirsch turquoise
engine enamel.


I bought one NOS "Gull Wing" emblem for the side of the boat which I
haven't installed. I added a stabilizer fin on the sterndrive and installed
a new rubber sterndrive seal. There's a new Rule automatic bilge pump, with
switch unit integrated very nicely into the console. As mentioned above, a
previous owner had installed a depth finder that I've removed, but it is
included if you want to reinstall it. There are several spare props and
other spares I'd have to catalog.


There's a very complete set of documentation as mentioned in the 2002 ad.
All of the original vinyl covers are present, including the side curtains.
This boat is what car restorers would call almost 100% original, complete,
and unmolested. Everything works.


I'm looking to get $2200 for the boat, and it's located in Tennessee. With
the new hubs, tires, hitch, and safety chains, I wouldn't hesitate to tow
this one anywhere.


Bob McKeown, Broker

Prudential Woodmont Realty

2404 Crestmoor Road

Nashville, TN 37215

O. 615-292-3552

C. 615-351-1435


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