Re: [OMC-Boats] overheating - the saga continues

From: JEFF DOOD <jdood@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 07:26:00 -0700

ok - yesterday's report - disassembled, and then carefully reassembled
outdrive and pump/impellor stuff. had it completely wrong the
first time around. or i should say, the mechanix asst had it
wrong.....too busy talking to others about fishing while quickly
slapping the thing together yesterday. i was standing there
watching and completely relying on him having done it 100's
times. anyway, after taking it apart and referring to microfiche,
found he had the springs and o ring all backwards, and the plate
wasn't positiioned right. so put everything carefully back
together, went to river to test, and viola water is now moving
through hoses as it should be. guage said 200 or so at full
throttle, but held there and didn't really go to 220. heat gun
simultaneously reads 150, 160, 170, when pointing at various
parts of the engine. HOWEVER, one little spot on the engine is
reading 210+. It's when i point the gun at the "1" stamp right at
cylinder #1. that strangely is the ONLY spot where it's heating
up. when i point it at #3, it drops back to 170ish and so on.
mechanic thinks there might be blockage right there. today will be
about taking out the freeze plugs, connecting up the hose, and
seeing if any thing comes out. he also things maybe a gasket is
partially blocking a port or something right there.

So anyway - ALMOST FIXED! but of course, right before weekend, i
have to decide to chance it and use it when one little spot on the
engine is overheating, or bag it and pretty much say so long to this

two questions for anyone who might know:

1) what temp will a part crack from heat? i'm at 220 at just that
one little spot. too risky?

2) top manifold thing might have to come off to look for blockage,
is that gasket (whatever it's called) still around? what about the
other manifold gaskets? any good sources?

i will send a pick of my engine hopefully later today. if i am not
out on the river!


On Aug 28, 2008, at 5:46 PM, Don Mandelas wrote:

> Thanks Jeff for keeping us updated on your saga. I'll store your
> messages in my email files for future reference ( in case I have
> problems with my engine overheating). I'm looking forward to
> hearing about the solution to your problem.
> Also, Thanks for the photos of the two different styles of engine
> water pumps.
> And, would you send a photo of inside your Engine compartment (I'd
> like to see how your water hoses are connected) ?
> Don.
> > here's today's adventure for those who care. swapped out one water
> > pump for another - overheating problem "seems" to be WAY better.
> > atleast with heat sensing gun. gauge reads hot, but gun shows
> > otherwise. and while gauge shows 200+, manifolds only feel warm at
> > best. so gauge is off. all this testing was done while outdrive
> > was off, disassembled in garage. testing with hose and no
> > outdrive after putting on different water pump seemed to show temp
> > staying where it should. but again, just on hose. So outdrive got
> > assembled, put back on, and down to the river me and mechanic
> > assistant went to see what heat gun would show while underway. only
> > to find that the temp needle immediately moved up to 200+ within
> > seconds at idle. clear tubing showed no water really being
> > pumped. so apparantly, something wasn't put back together properly
> > with the outdrive. what a waste of time. mechanic asst did that
> > part. tomorrow it gets disassembled carefully to hopefully
> > visually see whats wrong. but he doesn't have a tank to fit
> > stringers, so after reassembly, it's back down to the river for a
> > test. and if no difference, back to shop. and so on.
> > testing that outdrive is going to be a complete pain. can't hook up
> > hose. no tank. this is wearing me out and costing a lot of
> > time. yet i'm encouraged with the diffence the engine water pump
> > made. again, feels so close to being solved.
> >
> > And the previous one? who knows where it came from or if it's
> > even OMC. might be automotive. (see pix). But here's the weird
> > part: my mechanic has some microfiche of early 60's OMC motors. the
> > one that we put on seems to definitely be the one that's supposed to
> > be on there. The givaway was that it has the main nipple for the big
> > hose, but then also has a smaller 3/4" nipple for something else.
> > This is fed by a bypass hole of some sort in the WP housing. Yet in
> > the diagrams it shows this extra nipple capped off! So that's what
> > we did. capped it off. so now it does nothing, just like it's
> > supposed to. So why is it there? what was it for - some factory
> > option or something? Air conditioning? Fresh water for a live
> > bait well? (kidding). here are the photos of before and after
> > water pumps. the bad one that was on there is the one with the
> > straight impeller blades. anyone have the first one? is it OMC?
> >
> > jeff
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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