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Your old pump is?the auto version which is all that's available for that engine now. The 3/4" nipple is for a heater hose. I have two 155 hp engines and neither one?had the?pump with the extra nipple.?One of the original pumps started to leak out the shaft seal?so?I sent it out to be rebuilt and bought an auto pump to use in the meantime.

I believe that OMC discontinued pumps for this motor quite a while ago and as far as I know, no aftermarket mfg is making them. The only options available are to go with an auto pump, get the old OMC pump rebuilt w/ marine grade components or find an NOS OMC pump sitting on a shelf somewhere. The auto pump will work for a while but will fail eventually because the internal parts will corode in fresh water. However, replacing it is not that big a deal and they are certainly cheap enough to keep a spare around. I've had mine on for 3 seasons now and it's doing fine. No overhating problems. I never got around to putting the rebuilt OMC pump back on.


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well.....that might be next..... but i hope not.?
here's today's adventure for those who care. swapped out one water pump for another - overheating problem "seems" to be WAY better. atleast with heat sensing gun. gauge reads hot, but gun shows otherwise. and while gauge shows 200+, manifolds only feel warm at best. so gauge is off. all this testing was done while outdrive was off, disassembled in garage. testing with hose and no outdrive after putting on different water pump seemed to show temp staying where it should. but again, just on hose. So outdrive got assembled, put back on, and down to the river me and mechanic assistant went to see what heat gun would show while underway. only to find that the temp needle immediately moved up to 200+ within seconds at idle. clear tubing showed no water really being pumped. so apparantly, something wasn't put back together properly with the outdrive. what a waste of time. mechanic asst did that part. tomorrow it gets disassembled carefully to hopefully visually see whats wrong. but he doesn't have a tank to fit str
ingers, so after reassembly, it's back down to the river for a test. and if no difference, back to shop. and so on. testing that outdrive is going to be a complete pain. can't hook up hose. no tank. this is wearing me out and costing a lot of time. yet i'm encouraged with the diffence the engine water pump made. again, feels so close to being solved.?
?And the previous one? who knows where it came from or if it's even OMC. might be automotive. (see pix). But here's the weird part: my mechanic has some microfiche of early 60's OMC motors. the one that we put on seems to definitely be the one that's supposed to be on there. The givaway was that it has the main nipple for the big hose, but then also has a smaller 3/4" nipple for something else. This is fed by a bypass hole of some sort in the WP housing. Yet in the diagrams it shows this extra nipple capped off! So that's what we did. capped it off. so now it does nothing, just like it's supposed to. So why is it there? what was it for - some factory option or something? Air conditioning? Fresh water for a live bait well? (kidding). here are the photos of before and after water pumps. the bad one that was on there is the one with the straight impeller blades. anyone have the first one? is it OMC??

On Aug 27, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Ethan Brodsky wrote:?
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, JEFF DOOD wrote:?
>> so he is completely baffled, i am too, and the only thing it seems?
>> left to try is the water pump on the engine. taking my reserve pump?
>> from my other engine out there today and giving that a try. if it's?
>> heating up under throttle, it seems that maybe it's not getting the?
>> water pumped around in the engine as it should be. but we've been?
>> wrong most of the time so far. i asked about blockage in the >> engine,?
>> but they said the channels are so big it's not likely. so maybe the?
>> pump thats on there is just not doing it's job as it should.?
>> although it's such a simple device, i don't see how it couldn't. >> any?
>> other ideas??
> It'd be pretty stupid if this were the problem, but have you checked > the?
> belt? My belt loosened up one time and it would turn the pump fast > enough?
> at idle, but slip at higher RPM and the engine would overheat. It > looked?
> fine, wouldn't slip when moved by hand, and was turning at high RPM, > but?
> just not fast enough. I actually noticed this problem because my > charging?
> system wasn't working well, but then realized the engine was > overheating?
> too.?
> The belt is adjusted by moving the alternator - I don't know what the?
> tension spec is, but I got it really tight by tightening the bolt > while?
> pulling the alternator away with a prybar (i.e. stick). I think the > belt?
> deflects maybe 1/2" under 20 pounds of force or so.?
> Ethan?
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