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Thta's a great question... I doubt we'll ever know how many boats OMC (and Evinrude/Johnson) built.
Even though the 17 was ointroduced in 1962, I believe they really didn't start reaching dealers in any "significant" numbers. The duals are very rare. My SWAG would be there were a few hundred built.
Once the larger gear (Type 14) outdrive came online in 1964, that permitted OMC to use the GM 4, 6 and eventually 8's 4-stroke engines, which were more cost-effective than the twin V-4's.


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Does anyone know what the production runs are on any of the OMC boats? I
have a 1963 OMC Dual Deluxe and was wondering if anyone could tell me
how many of the duals were made.

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