[OMC-Boats] overheating

From: JEFF DOOD <jdood@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 11:46:01 -0700

i am getting very close to being able to use my boat finally, won't
go into all the recent past history but it's been a journey. long
story short, i have a different engine in it now. another buick
v-6. runs, starts, sounds good, doesn't backfire and lose all power
at mid throttle, etc. only one problem. when on the hose, it's
operating at normal temps. when under load, the temp gauge is just
races right up to the overheat range. thought i might be the gauge,
no such luck. on 2nd test, same thing. idling at dock it temp
gauge barely moves. but after about 10 seconds at full throttle it
starts moving up and within about 30 it's almost pegged. putting on
a new sending unit next, seeing if that does anything. if it's got
blockage somewhere, then wouldn't it heat up while on the hose at
the mechanic's shop also? it's getting water through there. pretty
sure mechanic replaced impeller at last go around. and there
doesn't seem to be any obvious leaks or cracks anywhere in the
manifolds. any ideas?

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