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I have the same prop on a 1969 Sportsman 155. I make 25 mph at about 3000 RPM and top out at 36 MPH at about 4000 RPM. I'm pretty sure that the foam flotation under the floor is waterlogged too.

I'm not sure what could be causing you not to get up to speed but something's definitely going on. Even though these props are driven by a shear pin I believe that the hubs are still set in rubber. If you didn't experience these problems before with another prop, maybe the hub is slipping inside this one.

Dave Rusilas

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I have a 1967 Evinrude Sportsman boat with the V-6 155 hp engine.? On the stern drive unit I have installed the 14 x 18 propeller.? When the engine reaches 3700 RPMs how fast generally should I be traveling across the water?? It seems lately that I am going slower than normal (about 25 mph).
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