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Hi Joey,

You're lucky -- you've still got the framing which is no longer available, in other words made from "unobtainium." Difficult to find and not easily shipped.

Any local anwing or auto upholstry shop should be able to fabricate new fabric top and side curtains, especially if you can show them a photo (available on Phil website). But I wouldn't use the original style vinyl material, I'd use modern Sunbrella marine-rated fabric available in many suitable colors.

While the original E/J/O top designs did offer a degree of protection from the elements, especially with the side curtains and rear "Conestoga" in place, the don't allow the Captain and his/her passengers to easily & actively walk around under the top like the newer bimini designs allow.

Aftermarket Bimini tops are also available with stainless steel hardware that allow higher speeds with the top erected (not a problem with the original low-slung Evinrude/Johnson tops.)


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  Looking for a Convertible top for my 1970 Johnson Surfer. I have the framing, just need the vinyl top and windows. Any suggestions or referrals? Thanks, ~Joey

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