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These removableseats were a nice feature of these pre-1967 Evinrude, Johnson and OMC boats.

It is a shame that most shops take a look at them and scratch their heads. I went to half a dozen before I found a guy willing to work with them for me.

Do you have any of the pre-cast foam cushions (backs and seats)? I retained mine and essentially recovered them. If you don't still have them, you could most likely duplicate them in foam.

Structurally we replaced the "suspension" webbing with plywood, to allow stepping onto the seats. We also filled in the hollow seat bottoms which originally stowed Type IV (throwable) PDF's with high density foam.

You can view some pics on my website:


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              I have '64 Johnson 17 Deluxe that is in need of seat cushions and covers. I have all five frames and they are in very good condition. My local marine upholstery shops don't seem confident in pursuing the job. I would be most interested in purchasing precut foam and assembled marine grade vinyl covers. (if there is any such thing available). This or any other options, leads or resources would be greatly appreciated.


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