Re: [OMC-Boats] Tiller to control conversion

From: Michael Peck <mpeck@...>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 11:56:30 -0700

Hi Lee,
You are correct, I am trying to adapt the tiller control to be used on the original OMC remote controls and cables. The cables I have are in good shape and look similar to the Teleflex cables. I found a site that advertises an attaching kit for a 25hp Mercury that includes the fittings and brackets for the existing cables but it apparently is no longer available. I know I can change out the complete system but that will be pricey from what I have seen.

Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 09:27:53 -0600From: lee.k.shuster@...: omc-boats@...: Re: [OMC-Boats] Tiller to control conversion

Hi Mike,
I'm just a little confused (what else is new?).
Can you explain exactly what you mean by "Hand control" of the outboard motor?
When I was into outboards -- I thought "tiller control" meant "hands-on control," with steering and twist-grip throttle on a flip-up "tiller," and shifting done on lever on the outboard.
I'm just guessing -- but your Evinrude boat has older, original OMC REMOTE CONTROLS (throttle and shifter) and cables, SIDE-MOUNTED at the forward helm?
Any Mercury-savvy outboard shop should be able to re-rig your outfit with MERC remote controls -- if that's what your are asking? I don't think it's practical or affordable to try and CONVERT or ADAPT the OMC REMOTE CONTROLS to work with the MERC.
Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

From: omc-boats-bounces@... [] On Behalf Of Michael PeckSent: Monday, May 05, 2008 7:48 AMTo: OMC-boats listSubject: [OMC-Boats] Tiller to control conversion
I am looking for any suppliers that carry conversion parts to convert a 25hp Mercury outboard "tiller" to a "hand control" motor. I currently have a 1965 Sport 14 with the side mounted controls. Thank you,Mike

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