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Hi Doug,

I've never come across that part number prefex before for an OMC prop. (But
I learn something new just about everday!)

I HAVE Seen 380-, 381-, 382 and the SST's all start with 172-

Most of the early 380/381 props are actually 14.25" diameter (as opposed to
the 382's at 14.00").

These "early" (1964-1966, featuring the 4-bolt top cap sterndrive legs)
props do feature a "tapered" hub. In other words the diameter of the prop
hub is greater at the front. matching the gearcase diameter.
This was done to provide clearance on the exhaust outlet.

I have a Prop chart on my website you might find helpful (but it doesn't
include the part numbers that you have come across.)


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> An OMC 311-290. Is this an 18-pitch? I think it might be, because I found
> a
> 311-289 prop on sale online that was a 16-pitch. Also, I found it on an
> outdrive advertised as coming from a '68 Reveler.
> Fits the late 60's outdrives but has a larger diameter bow end - its as
> big
> around in front as the gearcase. Were these made in the 70's?
> -Doug Julien, AIA
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