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From: jdood <jdood@...>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:46:33 -0800

hey jeff,


I'm on the OMC list and saw your post about having a garage full of deluxe
parts. Got any navigation light lenses you want to unload by chance? It's
great to find another deluxe owner out there. I'm in PDX and also have a
'63(? no one seems to know for sure) that I have put a ton of work/money
into. I'm trying to get it as close to a new/custom boat as I can, but it's
been an uphill battle. I bought it 3 yrs ago off ebay from someone's
backyard, had it painted, original engine spiffed up, and had it to a point
where I actually got to use it fairly regularly for one summer - haha. But
the engine developed an overheating issue, and while trying to resolve that
w/my mechanic over the summer, a very intergral part actually broke. not
sure what the part was called, but it was a link between the upper unit and
the engine. He searched the world for weeks and no one had one of these
stupid part. Also during that time I gutted the interior and re-foamed
(partially) underneath the floor. So now, after all year in the shop, my
'63 now has a "newer" and hopefully better '72 engine in it, a great paint
job, and no interior whatsoever! Have to get on it asap and start putting
it back together with new seats, carpet, etc before summer. All while
nervously hoping my newer engine is strong and reliable.


so even if your beer cooler acts as an additional seat, feel lucky that you
have seats at all! Actually, your back layout is what I wish mine had - a
way to put 3 forward facing seats across the back. Due to my cowling being
design,at best I am stuck with the 2 forward / 2 backward facing seats which
I really hate - unless I design and have a new custom cowling made. Here's
a pic from two summers ago when I used it the most,





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