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Speaking of starters -- I fairly certain that GM& OMC did use regular
automotive versions of the old-school very heavy, 9-tooth, Delco MT10
starter. These were common to the small-flywheel (153-tooth) Chevy V8's,
4's as Buick-Jeep V6's and use a long-bolt / short-bolt mounting scheme.
The parts (like brushes and bushings) are still available to rebuild the
MT10's, but I wanted to upgrade the starter to compliment the other
electrical upgrades I've done.

So, last winter I changed out my old original Delco MT10 for a modern,
much lighter, brand new, marine-rated, gear reduction starter, (Delco
PG260M Series) which I ordered online from:

The advantages: About half the weight, less electrical strain on the
battery/alternator and it turns over the engine faster for quicker
starting. It also takes up less space and wiring it in is 100 percent
compatible. At around $75 it was a no-brainer.


Salt Lake



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Hi, Lee. I will be happy to do that! I went up to see the work first
hand over the w/e, but didn't think to take pictures. The oil drain
hose he's installing was a kit, I think by a company called Jesco? He
said its a standard part and he's installed a lot of them over the
years. It basically replaces the oil pan drain plug the routes out the
boat drain plug hole like on newer boats. I'll get some pics and
confirm the name of the kit and the manufacturer when I go back up next
weekend to drop off more parts.
He hadn't routed the line for the fuel pump yet, but we did discuss it.
The plan is to first see if we can find a suitable land to bore and tap
in the main body of the carb. It doesn't have many suitable flat
surfaces so barring that, we'll dump it into the flame arrestor.
At this point I've found all the parts I need except for the
pump-to-block coolant hose. Michigan Marine Gear said to bring it in
and they'd try to match it to one of their bulk hoses, but I've not
found any NOS or other parts out there. A interesting follow-up point
on the Kaiser-Jeep link -- rather surprisingly, the BRP website says to
get the starter from Kaiser-Jeep. While we now know not to use
components that aren't marine rated, it doesn't seem to have been a
concern in 1967.

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        Hi Andy,
        Glad you had success finding your parts. When you get a chance
how about shawing some pics or a sketch of how you implemented your oil
drain hose and also your fuel pump overflow hose.
        I checked my fuel pump this fall and it has a overflow vent
which has a little black plastic cap over it. I'm not sure when, but
sometime in the 70-s or 80's the marine engine carbs started coming with
fuel pump vent ports so a line could route fuel and vapors back into the
carb. I'd be interested in how you routed your line? Does it connect to
the flame arrestor?
        The 67-ish time period was a strange time for OMC-Buick
relations, as GM was indeed in the process of selling the rights and
tooling to Kaiser-Jeep for the 225 V6 (hence the OMC-part manual
reference to Kaiser-Jeep Dealers). Buick also then phased out the
identical bore and stroke 300 V8 (which OMC used in the 66-67
19-footers). In 1967-68 the Buick small block V8 became the 340 (which
would make a very nice smooth torquey boat motor), but OMC started the
changeover to the small-block Chevy which now dominates the V6 and V8
sterndrive marine market with MerCrusier and Volvo being the primary

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                Well that was a huge help, Mike -- thanks! I had
forgotten BRP had that look-up and of course had lost the link when my
hard drive crashed last summer. I found the part # and immediately
found a part at for $14.75. As I said, I've
generally had pretty good luck just searching by the OMC part # and here
is another example. Its interesting the HU-16C is called out as a 1968
when the boat is a 1967 and we bought it in the summer of '67. I know
it is common for mixed years like that, but it seems odd the '68 engine
would already be out and in a boat in early '67. Its also interesting
the BRP website says the oil pan gasket (#1358356) I need is "available
at local Kaiser-Jeep dealers." I'll try the local Jeep and Buick
dealers to see if I can find one tomorrow, then run it up to the
mechanic Saturday morning. Btw, I found the exhaust hoses (#312771)
earlier today; they were in stock at the local "Michigan Marine Gear"
(who happend to also have my fuel pump in stock last summer) and priced
at $43.60 ea. Thanks again for the tip!

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                        Hey Andy!

                        Maybe you can find the info on the BRP website.
The HU-16C is listed under 'sterndrive', '1968', '155'. If the link
below doesn't work, go to the BRP website and look under 'Parts'.

                        Happy Holidays!


                        1968 Chris Craft Corsair

                        Salem, Oregon


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                                The snow is flying in MI/Canada, and I
had my mechanic pull the engine from my 1967 Reveler to give it a little
TLC, clean the oil pan, add an oil drain hose, and route a drain line
from the fuel pump bleed to the carb so it won't go boom in case it
should ever fail again. The shop is near our summer home in SW Ontario
while I'm in Detroit and the mechanic is having trouble finding some
parts he thinks need replacing (oil pan gasket, exhaust hoses, and
coolant hoses) and asked me to look around here. Unfortunately I forgot
to ask him for the part numbers and I forgot all of my manuals at the
cottage. Any chance anyone might have their shop manual handy and not
mind looking up these part #s for me? I wanted to do some shopping on
the internet tonight as I've had reasonably good luck finding parts this
way and obviously I can't call for the p/#s since the shop is already
closed. The engine model # is HU-16C; if anyone happens to be out there
and doesn't mind looking up the info, I'd much appreciate it. Btw,
while he hasn't checked compression yet, he said the rods and caps
looked like new. This is the first time any major maintenance like this
has been done so these things were really build for the long haul! At
this point I'm planning to keep it for at least a few more years (MI is
pretty much in a 1-state recession right now and I can't help but draw
parallels between my employer, Ford Motor Co, and the "other" Ford
family business, the Detroit Lions.), but I can't help looking at the
new Four Winns and Stingrays. Has anyone taken a close look at any of
the new boats lately and predicted their longevity vs. our J&Es? Is
there anything out there in this class that's built nearly as well?
Happy off-season maintenance to all!



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