[OMC-Boats] Engine parts help

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 21:57:59 -0500

The snow is flying in MI/Canada, and I had my mechanic pull the engine from my 1967 Reveler to give it a little TLC, clean the oil pan, add an oil drain hose, and route a drain line from the fuel pump bleed to the carb so it won't go boom in case it should ever fail again. The shop is near our summer home in SW Ontario while I'm in Detroit and the mechanic is having trouble finding some parts he thinks need replacing (oil pan gasket, exhaust hoses, and coolant hoses) and asked me to look around here. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him for the part numbers and I forgot all of my manuals at the cottage. Any chance anyone might have their shop manual handy and not mind looking up these part #s for me? I wanted to do some shopping on the internet tonight as I've had reasonably good luck finding parts this way and obviously I can't call for the p/#s since the shop is already closed. The engine model # is HU-16C; if anyone happens to be out there and doesn't mind looking up the info, I'd much appreciate it. Btw, while he hasn't checked compression yet, he said the rods and caps looked like new. This is the first time any major maintenance like this has been done so these things were really build for the long haul! At this point I'm planning to keep it for at least a few more years (MI is pretty much in a 1-state recession right now and I can't help but draw parallels between my employer, Ford Motor Co, and the "other" Ford family business, the Detroit Lions.), but I can't help looking at the new Four Winns and Stingrays. Has anyone taken a close look at any of the new boats lately and predicted their longevity vs. our J&Es? Is there anything out there in this class that's built nearly as well? Happy off-season maintenance to all!
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