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Hi Mike,

Given the two issues, if it were mine --> I'd be looking for a complete used
OMC Electric stringer repower donor. There are tons of these around in boats
not as nice as yours. I'd be on the lookout for a 1967 to 1976 OMC long-leg
lower unit. You could mate this up to either a Buick or Chevy V6. My guess
is you could pick up the entire package for $2k, maybe $2500. A professional
R & R might run you another $1k or you could do it yourself?

You know the old saying... The best day(s) for a skipper are the day he buys
a boat and the day he lets her go.. (Or something like that).
Anyways, I've never been able to a very good job of budgeting boat-related
or hobby-related expenses.

Lee Shuster

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> Hi all:
> Since my original post of 11/12 I have learned a lot about my Johnson
> SeaSport120 16', maybe more than I want to. I took it down to a local shop
> to be checked out, and indeed the dual single-barrel Holleys are not
> original. Evidently they can be modified so that if fuel overflows the
> float
> chamber, it is redirected down the carbs. The best solution is to change
> out
> the manifold to a 2bbl, as suggested by Lee. Cost approx $1000 for new
> incl
> labor.
> The bigger issue I have with this project is the outdrive...specifically
> the
> upper case has a crack around the steering worm gear that has been epoxy
> repaired in past. Leak only evident when pressurized internally...gear oil
> has some milkiness. To fix this properly with a new case, (replace seals
> etc, assuming drive train OK) again about $1000.
> This is the taller hull produced in 1969, (again, thanks Lee) and the
> lower
> part of the outdrive is longer, where the upper is like all the other OMC.
> There are plenty of other more minor fixits needed; the boat is 38 years
> old
> after all. Bottom line is that although I really like the hull and design,
> this is fast becoming a "parts boat". Any thoughts?
> Mike in Oregon
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