[OMC-Boats] Back to my SeaSport with the Holleys...

From: Meredith <meredith@...>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 08:14:45 -0800

Hi all:

Since my original post of 11/12 I have learned a lot about my Johnson
SeaSport120 16', maybe more than I want to. I took it down to a local shop
to be checked out, and indeed the dual single-barrel Holleys are not
original. Evidently they can be modified so that if fuel overflows the float
chamber, it is redirected down the carbs. The best solution is to change out
the manifold to a 2bbl, as suggested by Lee. Cost approx $1000 for new incl

The bigger issue I have with this project is the outdrive...specifically the
upper case has a crack around the steering worm gear that has been epoxy
repaired in past. Leak only evident when pressurized internally...gear oil
has some milkiness. To fix this properly with a new case, (replace seals
etc, assuming drive train OK) again about $1000.

This is the taller hull produced in 1969, (again, thanks Lee) and the lower
part of the outdrive is longer, where the upper is like all the other OMC.
There are plenty of other more minor fixits needed; the boat is 38 years old
after all. Bottom line is that although I really like the hull and design,
this is fast becoming a "parts boat". Any thoughts?

Mike in Oregon
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