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I don't think the 66-Sportsman-in-Iowa-owner is currently a list member.

Therefore, you might want to contact him DIRECTLY at the location listed
in Phil's ad:

Contact: Mark 641-529-1694 or ajackhammer@...



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I have a Sportsman that runs very well. However, the previous owner
removed the original windshield and replaced it with a different one. I
would really like to talk to you about the windshield and what else
might be available that I could use. Please either call me or email
your phone number so that I may call you.
Thanks, Skip Redman
home # 714-523-5676
mobile # 714-403-4469
 I was just asked to update an ad on the forsale page with the
following text:

"If someone is looking for any parts off of this boat please contact me.
The boat could be going to the dump soon."

It's the 1966 Sportsman in Iowa at




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