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From: Rob Langdon <ralangdon@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 08:09:42 -0400

Had same thing happen to me recently after plumbing my 64 johnson deluxe. Turned out I had one of the coolant hoses reversed. From the exhaust manifold hoses shoyld go top exhaust to bottom thermostat and bottom to top

Just something to check

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Thanks Lee, I was able to pick one up at Fisheries Supply here in seattle for $16. While I was testing it in my driveway with the hose connected, I watched the temperature climb slowly from 100 up to 150 where it sat for a while. Since I wanted to be careful, I backed down the throttle and shut it down. I was thinking maybe since there was no load on the engine and the stat was rated at 160, the stat wasnt able to do its job just yet. The top two hoses coming from the impeller pump were cold, but the larger hose conneted to the stat housing to water pump was very, very warm, and I dont think the stat ever opened at all. I tried to start the engine back up after a minute but you could tell there was a lot of friction there and had a hard time turning over, my hunch is there is more going on here, maybe a blockage or wrong stat housing. Any thoughts you or anyone on the list could share about this one.



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I think the OMC OEM part no was 383307. Not sure but I think they are
rated @ 150 F or maybe 160 F.

I have a calibrated (digital) temp gauge I see 140 F at warm idle and
150-ish when cruising pretty hard.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake

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Hi all,
Anyone know what the correct Thermostat is for a Buick Oddfire V6,
(boat is a 64 OMC deluxe) I called around and most of the books just go
to the early 70's. Also, is it safe to run without a thermostat if I
cant find one??


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