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You might want to double-check your "1964 Johnson Deluxe's Buick V6."
The 1964 V6 should have a HU-12B or HU-12M, and 1965 will be HU-13, etc.

The early 64/65 Buick's used a 1-barrel carb and manifold and were rated
at 150 hp. In 1966 (HU-14's) switched to the Rochester 2GC (2-Jet)
carb/manifold and were rated at 155 hp. It's possible your boat's
engine/carb got replaced in the past 40-odd years? Just want you to know
what your boat "should" have been built with. To be sure, check the tag
numbers on the carb itself.

If you google Rochester 2GC Marine you'll find dozens of potential

Depending on your budget/skills you may choose to obtain a rebuild kit
or an entire rebuilt carb. There are parts and carbs aplenty out there.
For safety's sake stay with MARINE approved.

Just remember, boat fires are nasty.

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Hi everyone, I am new to the list and wanted to introduce myself. My
name is Jeff LaCoste and I live in Seattle WA. I recently acquired a
1964 Johnson Deluxe tri-hull and am in the process of a complete resto.

The carb on the V6 has seen better days and I was hoping someone on the
list might know where I can find a new or used Rochester 2-Jet
Carburetor marine version carb. Will pay cash or trade for Deluxe boat


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