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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:43:17 -0500

Thanks for the thoughts. I believe some of the mailing list members have
also converted to electric, so I know there are options, just not ones I
want to get into during my vacation. The good news is I just found a part.
Its across the border back closer to Detroit and a shocking near-$200, but
it is the original OMC (AC) fuel pump. So I'm off to drive down now to pick
it up, carrying my old one in tow to ensure I get the right part. With luck
I'll be back in the water tonight or tomorrow morning!

As much as I love this old boat, I'm starting to think seriously about
selling it. I don't get much vacation time and I don't like spending it
searching for expensive parts. Granted I've only had 1/2-dozen repairs in
40 years, but the current difficulty finding the parts generally means I'm
down my entire vacation when I most want to run it: in the last 7-8 years,
I've lost 3 vacations to a water pump, alternator, and now a fuel pump. I
haven't decided for sure yet, but if there's anyone on the list with serious
interest in a 1-owner Reveler in exceptionally good condition, drop me a
line as I'd much rather see it go to someone with a genuine interest. I
probably won't start looking at new ones until the Metro Beach Boat Show in
September (a sweet in & out of water show near the St. Clair Shores Nautical
Mile). Unfortunately I doubt anyone makes anything that sits close to the
water with a fold-down windshield and no side glass that floats in 8" of
water like this beaut.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 07:57:37 -0700, jdood wrote
> For what it's worth....i replaced my fuel pump last summer. I
> assumed original wasn't around any longer and so, upon
> recommendation of a mechanic I know, located and entirely new FP
> outside the engine compartment against the back transom. When you
> do this you can get a better fuel pump, and the thing isn't bolted
> right to the engine block like the original (always seemed weird)
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> > Hey all! After 2 great days of skiing, tubing, and such on the
> Canadian
> > side of Lake Huron, my 1967 Johnson Reveler had a "thermal event."
> > Fortunately, no one was hurt and I traced the problem to a blown fuel
> pump
> > that was dripping fuel into the bilge. (And judging from the look of
> the
> > gaskets and diaphram, I suspect ethanol-laced fuel at least
> contributed to
> > the failure.) Fortunately we always run the blower before starting so
> there
> > wasn't enough vapor to make a big boom, but it was still enough to
> ignite,
> > blow the hatch open, and justify use of the fire extinguisher.
> >
> > Anyhow, purpose of the note isn't to broadcast my misfortune, but to
> ask
> > your assistance in finding a new fuel pump (OMC p/#381688) or a
> rebuild kit
> > (OMC p/# 381689). Both parts are obsolete and unavailable according
> to my
> > local dealer. I've spent the last 5 hours calling around (including
> places
> > like Sea-Way) and looking on the net. The closest I've come is
> aftermarket
> > pumps by Carter (part # CARM3643) and Sierra (part # 18-7258), but I'm
> not
> > 100% sure either is right nor if either has a built-in filter such as
> the
> > OMC part. Has anyone tried either of these pumps? If so, did they
> > fit/function properly and do they have a built-in filter like the OE
> pump?
> > My engine model is HU 16C and this is the 155 Hp 225 ci V6. I'm 3
> days into
> > my vacation and I'd really like to get the boat running again (safely)
> by
> > Wednesday...which shouldn't be a problem if I can just find a part and
> get
> > it here by then! Thanks!
> >
> > Andy Perakes
> > 1967 Johnson Reveler
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