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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 14:21:51 -0400

One of the few disadvantages to fiberglass is the stress cracks and I
suspect they are in the gel coat only and likely do not penetrate the thick
glass material underneath. The hull has a pretty thick substrate beneath the
gelcoat. I got them at stress points on my boat and ignore them but someday
hope to tackle them but don't expect much in terms of lasting durability or
beauty. Like wrinkles they come with age and wisdom and an owner too cheap
to spring for that new beauty down at the marina (I didnt say that)! Happy
4th of July to all by the way and I should be out on my boat instead of home
on call and at this @...#(%^& computer. Anyway there are videos on gelcoat
repair and they should give you all the needed information. Let us know how
it works out. Meantime cover the boat when not in use to keep things dry and
out of sunlight. BTW I took the Rogue to the Waccamaw River last Friday for
some skiing. I had 4 adults and 2 kids in the boat with adequate room and
power. It sure is nice having a canvas top on the boat also. Tom K.
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> Ok.. time for an advise question...
> My 68/69 Seasport is starting to develop a number of fine cracks in the
> gelcoat; most don't look terribly deep, but probably penetrate well into
> the gelcoat.
> Obviously they look terrible, and a few are developing below the water
> line. I'm assuming that this opens up potential for more problems as
> they spread and allow water into the layers of material.
> I'm thinking I can't just fill the cracks because the filler probably
> won't stick/fill the very fine lines and because I'm guessing they'll
> continue to spread unless something is done.
> What is the proper procedure for repairing these? I'm guessing grind them
> out and fill with marine-tex? Or should I not be worried about them?
> Thanks,
> Kenneth
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